Originally released in April 2010 at BlenderArtists.org, and added to GameJolt in 2011.

C.R.A.F.T. is a challenging lunar lander type game in which you control a ship using only the two rockets for thrust.

The default controls are based on which rocket to fire (left button fires left rocket -- ship turns clockwise). You can reverse the controls from the main menu.

If you touch the ground while moving too fast, the ship blows up. The speed text in the corner will turn red if you're moving to fast to land (so if it's red, don't touch anything).

Mac and Linux users will need to download the .blend file only. But you will need Blender v2.49 to open it (It won't work with newer versions). Windows users can download the zip file, but if you already have Blender, just download the .blend file because it's a lot smaller.

Get it at GameJolt.