Operation Wooden Dagger

Originally posted on GameJolt in April 2012.

This kind of started as an experiment for me to not only learn C# and the XNA framework, but to try to make something more complicated than what I've done before (it's my first real game that uses an actual path-finding algorithm) and to see if it would be any fun. It was then further developed as a project for a college course.

This game is kind of a real-time strategy game in which you use a cursor to select and move your four soldiers through small levels and complete various objectives such as eliminating enemies, rescuing hostages, and blowing up stuff.

I was never really proud of the title I picked, but I couldn't think of anything better, so I kinda just put some random words together. (Which I believe is how real-life military operations are named.)

**Note:** This game can be played with a keyboard, but it's better with an Xbox 360 controller.

As always, it's available at Gamejolt.





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