Attack of the Giant Mutant Lizard

Control a giant mutant lizard to eat people, stomp cars, and throw things with your mutant tail which has claws for some reason. Spend points on upgrades and new abilities and try to survive an increasingly deadly hail of bullets.

You can find an early playable demo at GameJolt.

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Jun, 21st 2020

About This Game

I have decided to officially release this game today, and I wanted to take some time to say a few things about the game.


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Jun, 21st 2020

About This Game

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to release this game out of early access (unless something bad happens within the next few hours such as a power outage or a ninja attack), and I wanted to say a few things about the game.

I want to thank everyone who has showed support by leaving comments or feedback (I even appreciate the criticism). I always figured a few people would enjoy this game, but I was surprised by the amount of positive comments compared to the amount of negative ones. Maybe that's just because it was in beta? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Why is the game so short?

This was always intended to be a short game. It was partly inspired by the types of browser-based games I used to play on websites such as newgrounds. Just pointless little games with no real story and a simple goal. My thinking was that people would play for a little while, and then move on to another game.

What's the deal with that ending?

Yeah, I couldn't really think of an ending. Hell, I didn't really have a story to begin with. I tried to come up with some ending that would provide closure, but then I was like, "Screw it. Here's some jokes." That's why for this release, I have switched the order of the buttons on the main menu to arcade mode first and story mode second.

Why did I make this game?

I kind of wanted to play a game like this. But the Google Play store is filled with shovelware and cheap clones that exist only to display ads. The monster games I've seen were usually like, you touch something and it just explodes or disappears. (And I thought I was lazy.) So it didn't seem like anyone else was making any decent ones, so I figured I would have to make it myself. My advice to other aspiring indie game developers is, don't worry about what other people want to play; make the game that you want to play.

Apr, 27th 2020

Version 0.8.2

A few of the people who played the mobile version have requested special abilities like breathing fire.

People (more than one person, at least) have been asking me about the progress on this game, so I think it's time for another update.

I recently modified my game to enable me to add translated versions of all the text in the game. All that's needed now is the translations.

Nov, 25th 2018

Update 2018-11-25

A couple changes. Most notably, two more monsters. There's also a trailer which is already slightly outdated.

Jan, 1st 2018

Update 2018-01-01

It's been over 7 months since my last update. I should probably write a few things about what I've been up to.

Originally Posted: Apr 23, 2017 at IndieDB

Target Practice -- Featuring a New Ability

Hey everybody! I’m back with a shiny new version of the demo featuring target practice mode and a new ability to mess around with.

Originally Posted: Mar 4, 2017 at IndieDB

Cutscene Animation and a Funny Lesson About Sound Effects Packs

This entry is about a new cutscene I made, and also about why I hate searching for sound effects.

Originally Posted: Feb 5, 2017 at IndieDB

Toon Shading, Steam, and a New Gameplay Video

Thanks for helping my game get Greenlit! Here's a gameplay video showing what the game looks like with a toon shader on everything.

It’s been about a month since my last post, so I thought I should take some time to say a few things about my game and recent developments before people start to think I’ve gone missing.

Originally Posted: Jan 1, 2017 at IndieDB

Another Year, Another Devlog...

I'm updating the demo with some of the latest improvements, and I'm also working on improving the UI graphics.

Originally Posted: Dec 26, 2016 at IndieDB

Greenlight and a New Gamelay Video and Other Fun Things

Hey, everyone -- I just put my game on Greenlight, so go put on your voting pants and get ready to click any and all buttons that have the word "Yes" on them!

Originally Posted: Nov 27, 2016 at IndieDB

Devlog 2016-11-27

Hello, people. It’s been a relatively productive holiday weekend and I have some new stuff to show (I didn’t update the demo though).

Originally Posted: Nov 21, 2016 at IndieDB

Update 2016-11-20

It's been a few weeks since my last update. Here's a summary of what I've been up to (Bug fixes, mostly. But there's a few new things to show too). Contains GIFs!

Originally Posted: Oct 15, 2016 on IndieDB

Update 2016-10-15

Updated the demo with a new enemy type. I also added the project to Steam Greenlight as a concept and I'm looking for feedback.

Originally Posted: Oct 2, 2016 at IndieDB

Mobile Version Alpha Testing and Other News

A link to opt-in for testing the mobile version from Google Play and a few words about the other bits I've been working on.

Originally Posted: Sept 11, 2016 at IndieDB

Updated Demo.

Added a couple improvements including two new upgrade types and new button graphics for the upgrades menu.

Originally Posted: Aug 11, 2016 at IndieDB

Demo Released

I just released the first playable build. Includes a single scene made just for the demo, with a brief tutorial at the start.

Originally Posted: Aug 20, 2016 at IndieDB

Searching for Sounds

A brief update about my progress so far, and my search for audio clips that don't make me cringe when I listen to them.

Originally Posted: Aug 11, 2016 at IndieDB


Control a giant mutant lizard to eat people, stomp cars, and throw things with your mutant tail which has claws for some reason.

Originally Posted: Dec 26, 2016 at IndieDB

Greenlight and a New Gamelay Video and Other Fun Things

It's been a while since my last article, so I'll just get right to the point. Attack of the Giant Mutant Lizard is on Steam Greenlight, and it would be great if you would go vote for it.

I also took a couple new screenshots and recorded a new gameplay video showing some of the things that aren't in the demo.

Just looking at the video, it's easy to miss some of the minor things, so I'll highlight two of them here.

The most recent enhancement is that the lizard can now turn to look at the person shooting it.


Not a lot of video game monsters give that look that says, "Please stop doing that." So I figured it was worth doing. There's another effect I added that's a lot less noticeable; I made the camera shake slightly when landing or stomping.

camera shake

One more thing that's not in the video -- You might have seen a GIF of a robot/mech thing in one of my earlier articles. I partially remade that, so it looks a little more... less crappy.

mech MKII

But only a little.